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CrossFit Lawrence was founded in the summer of 2010 in the backyard of brothers Thomas and Kyle Thatcher.  For two summers we built a foundational community of loyal CrossFitters, who trudged through grass and mud, in the heat and rain, all for the sake of fitness, camaraderie, and competition. In September of 2011, we moved into our first warehouse facility at 701 E. 22nd Street.  After 17 months of hard work in a small garage, we were able to revolutionize the CFL community by moving into an even bigger and badder 6,000 square foot building located at 815 E. 12th Street.  In April 2013, CFL combined new opportunities within this building.  The Strength Lab, a 1,600 square foot cave of bouldering wall is now apart of our CFL community, courtesy of David Tindle and his crew.  More recently, we have completed the Yoga Trailer (soon to be The Dojo) where we teach yoga classes. With CrossFit classes, open gym, gymnastics, olympic lifting, bodybuilding, strongman, yoga & bouldering capabilities, there is something for everyone!

Since day one, we have believed that working out is all about mentality.  Change isn’t always a fun thing when it comes to working out, but the first change must start mentally.   Working out shouldn’t be a waste of your time, and life is too short to not have fun!  We are all about Work Hard, Play Hard, and Have Fun.

The CrossFit Lawrence community has grown over the years because of their ability to work hard, play hard, and have fun.  It is a community of passionate individuals who believe that fitness is as simple as 3…2…1…go!

Your goals are here waiting for you.  Go get em’.  It may not be the easiest thing you have ever done, but it might be the most rewarding.

CrossFit Lawrence is not your typical CrossFit Gym.  We do so much more.  Body movement is our specialty.

CrossFit Lawrence Owners Thomas and Kyle Thatcher with some of the original backyard crew

CrossFit Lawrence Owners Thomas and Kyle Thatcher with some of the original backyard crew.

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